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Below are the categories and links to information we have have available, or have uncovered across the web.

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Classes & Instruction, listed by topics and by region/state.
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Sites and links to information on beading.
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Members' Only List of websites. Join the Better Beading forum, and participate if you'd like to be listed.

There are 161 links for you to choose from!

Our retail shop is open!

It's located in Squirrel Hill at:

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NEW!!  Take a tour of our shop!

Our "old" shop layout, if anyone is interested!

You can start a discussion at our new Forum site, It's a great place to meet new friends, get help, and share experiences.

I'm in the process of setting up this site. It will include listings by region/state/city for instructors, bead shops, suppliers, sources, etc. We will do our best to index and keep track of various beading information sites, for instructions, plans and reference material. You'll be able to rate and REVIEW the various instructors, courses, shops, or suppliers. The site will be very interactive in that respect.

What we can't find, we'll try to create. Talk Beads in our fourm, learn new things and make new friends. Monthly prizes for participation!!

We also would like to serve whatever information we can from our own servers, so that there are no disappearing sites, and lost information. If you have information, patterns, plans, instructions, reference material, or anything else, please give us a shout -- or contact us through the Forum. We also need editors and people who would like to maintain a section or subsection. Share your expertise, and know your work is not going to be a wasted effort!

PUGDOG® Enterprises, Inc. has been around on the Internet since 1993. We've been operating BBS's and on-line information systems since about 1984. We are here to stay!

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