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Chainmail (14)
Anything to do with chainmail - making, wearing, supplies, suits, accessories, jewelry, etc.
Galleries (2)
Sites that primarily show off finished works.
Graph Paper (2)
Many sites have graph paper on them, and you can find those with a search on "Graph Paper", but we will store actual downloadble graph papers here.
Macrame (9)
Miniature Crafting (1)
Plans and information for miniature beaded, knotted, or crafted projects.
Pony Beads (1)
Things you can do with pony beads - now in 3 "standard" sizes.
Project Types (54)
  Barefoot Sandals,
  Bead Crochet,
  Beaded Beads,
  Beaded Flowers,
  Beaded Hearts,
  Dream Catchers,
  Misc Projects and Patterns,
  Specialty Beads,
Items or project types that cross categories, such as Dream Catchers.
Starting & Growing Your Business (2)
Techniques and Tutorials (43)
Weaving (9)
Weaving sites, patterns and instructions.